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VoIP - The Future

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services are set to grow at a substantial rate over the next five years and will become standard technology by the end of this decade.

BT's 21st Century Network

One of the technologies which will enhance the growth of VoIP is the expansion of Next Generation Networks or NGNs. BT is leading the way in the UK with it's 21st Century Network, which is designed to provide better broadband services to it's customers. The technology enables the convergence of public switched telephone networks and the new data networks which allows user to benefit from mamny new services and allows telephony companies to provide a much wider ranges of products to it's customers.



BT's 21CN (21st Century Network) is radical and groundbreaking. It's aim is to provide the customer with increased choice and flexibility with the aim of providing communications from anywhere to any device. The end-to-end IP-based network will consolidate BT's complex network and systems infrastructure to ensure that the delivery of the next generation of converged services is faster, more efficient and more cost-effective than ever before. For further information about BT's 21CN check out their website page at www.btplc.com/21CN/index.htm

Faxing over VoIP

The future should also see an improvement in the ability to Fax over VoIP with improved technologies increasing bandwidth and coverage.

Wireless VoIP

Another technology to look forward to in the future is Wireless VoIP. This could add more advantages to using VoIP telephony including reduced costs and higher bandwidth data transfer. To find out more about Wireless VoIP please see the article "Increasing Popularity of Wireless VoIP Phone in the Workplace" within the Article section of this website.


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