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History of VoIP

History of VoIP

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology has been around longer than you might imagine. Even though VoIP telephony is one of the buzz phrases of today the first VoIP or Internet Phone Software was introduced in 1995. This was developed by Vocaltec and marketed as software to be run on a PC to enable consumers to make calls over the internet at dramatically reduced prices. Using the H.323 protocol over modems rather than the currently widely used SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) over broadband, the quality of the calls was poor. However, the important factor to note was this was a major stepping stone into the wide introduction of VoIP communication.

Between the years of 1998 and 2000 VoIP communications increased in the US from 1% of voice traffic to over 3%. The number of voice all calls using VoIP in the UK is also set for dramatic increase over the next decade as broadband becomes more easily accessible and cheaper for the consumer.

Most of the larger telephony hardware providers are already producing VoIP equipment ( such as Voip Phones) and offer the service of many of their current business customers. This, along with software proivders such as Skype, is now being more widely offered to consumers providing low cost calling worldwide.

As technology improves and the quality of VoIP calls gets better the growth in this market can only get faster. This is mainly due to the low cost call options and the increasing number of telephone services being offered by VoIP providers.





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