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When looking to transfer your communications to a VoIP service and use a internet telephone system it is important to consider the two main alternatives - this is using VoIP Software, commonly known as a softphone, or using a VoIP service.

These two options are not exclusive to each other, with many people using a free service softphone, e.g. Skype, to make some calls, whilst maintaining their standard landline to make other calls. The reason for this is they wish to have the benefit of free calls to some of their friends who also have a softphone, but also the keep their landline for making calls to other people who do not have a softphone. However, as more and more softphone providers are now allowing users to call landlines and mobiles, this is not so much of an issue.

Even though calls to other softphone users are normally free (providing they use the same service), the providers of softphones charge for calls to landlines and mobiles, though their rates are normally considerably less than standard landline to landline calls.

Have a look through our VoIP Software and VoIP Service sections to compare the two options.



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