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How to Make a VoIP Call - VoIP Software

VoIP Software, SoftphoneMaking a VoIP Call Using VoIP Software

One of the main ways of making a VoIP call is using a VoIP Software Package commonly known as a Soft Phone. The VoIP Software such as SKYPE gives you the benefits of VoIP without having to sign up to a contract with a VoIP provider. Some of these packages like the SKYPE one can be downloaded off the internet for free. You will require a sound card for your computer and a headset or internet phone. There are many companies offering VoIP Software now, most of which has been developed to operate on a range of different computer platforms. Further details about providers of Softphones can be found in Top VoIP Providers and VoIP Equipment sections of this site. It is worth noting that the soft phone does restrict you as you need to be by a computer to be able to use it.



Benefits of a Soft Phone

VoIP Software Will Allow You To Make

PC to PC Calls

PC to Landline Calls

PC to Mobile Calls

Landline/Mobile to PC Calls

PC to PC calls

Softphones can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a broadband connection. Some of the Soft Phones klike SKYPE were originally developed to be used with both parties using the same software ie: both using SKYPE. This disadvantage to soft phones has recently been overcome with the development of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which allows any software developed with SIP to connect to each other, enabling the parties to use different software packages.

When making a call the same technology involved in creating a compact disc (CD) is used to convert your voice into digital data. This digital data is then sent in data parcels across the internet. Once the data has arrived at its destination, it is converted back to an analog voice signal.

PC to Landline/ Mobile

VoIP Software Packages also allow you to make calls to a landline phone or a mobile phone. Although if you want to use this facility an account will have to be set up, credits can then be bought and then used when making these calls. The cost of these calls is lower than the cost of a traditional call from a landline or mobile. Typical costs can be found on the SKYPE website (www.skype.com). These credits can be paid for with a credit card or a payment system like Paypal. The cost of long distance calls can work out to be similar to that of local calls using this system.

Landline/Mobile to PC

Calls can also be made to your PC from a mobile or landline, which allows you to receive calls on a specific number whereever you are in the world.


One disadvantage of using this type of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service is that you need to use your computer to make the call. This means that you will need to use a headset or other device attached to your computer. You are then, in theory, restricted in where in your house you can use the telephone.


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