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Not only is it possible to reduce the costs of your voice calls by using VoIP telephony, since the 10th May 2006 it has now been possible to reduce the cost of text messaging by using the internet as well. This new service is known as Toip or Text over Internet Protocol. This new service was lauched in the UK and hopes to do the same for text messaging as Skype has done for telephone calls. The service is called Hotxt, and was created by co-founders Doug Richard and David Whitewood.

Hotxt is a new way of sending an unlimited number of text messages between friends. Hotxt sends the messages to your friends over the mobile internet (GPRS) which is usually much cheaper than traditional SMS. Typically SMS costs 5-12p per message whereas the Hotxt user's average text message cost is a fraction of a penny.

Hotxt is free for the first two weeks. After that if you choose to join the Hotxt community, Hotxt costs £1 per week for as many Hotxts as you can send. You will also need to pay GPRS data charges to your network operator for your use of the mobile internet. These are much cheaper than SMS (you can get 100s and sometimes 1000s of messages per Mb of data).

For further details of how this can be of benefit to you can visit their website


These details have been reproduced by kind permission of Hotxt.





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