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ITSPA - Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association

The ITSPA ( Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association) was formed in 2004 to represent network operators, service providers and other businesses involved with the supply of VoIP services to business and residential customers within the United Kingdom.

The ITSPA was set up by a group of founding members who realised that there was a need for a trade association to help promote and represent the interests of the industry. It acts as the representative voice of the industry and is able to respond to the many regulatory issues which are instigated by the UK Government bodies such as the DTI, the Home Office and Ofcom. Many of these regulatory issues are due to the increase in awarenees and use of VoIP.

A comprehensive list of it's members can be found on the members page which includes companies such as Babble.net Limited, Be Unlimited, Easy-Dial Ltd, Freetalk Communications Ltd, Gossiptel, The Internet Phone Company Ltd, Quazzle, Vonage Limited and many more.

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