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When choosing a VoIP Provider or VoIP Service Provider you must first of all consider what type of service you require. Do you want to use the Softphone on your PC with your existing phone, or do you wish to use a complete VoIP phone system for all your telephony requirements. Then you will need to compare the VoIP service offerings, voice quality, features, pricing, support levels and service level agreements that the VoIP providers can offer you. You must remember that some VoIP services require that both parties are subscribers of their service, which will require both parties having the same software installed. However, there are other services/programs that allow you to call anyone, these involve using SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) and will allow you to call from your computer to a regular telephone, or even call from a phone to phone. Some points that are worth finding out about before you choose a VoIP provider are:

  • Is VoIP system that they are going to offer you going to be compatible to your system?
  • What is the voice quality of your product?
  • What other equipment will you need?
  • Can I keep my current telephone number if I switch to their VoIP service?
  • Can I get all the features I currently have with my traditional telephone service?
  • How long have they been in the market place providing VoIP?
  • What is their reputation like and are they likely to progress and keep you up to date with this new technology as it changes. What do their clients say about them?
  • Do they monitor all aspects of the service they are providing?
  • Are they trying to improve their service?
  • What is their technical support like?
  • Is there unlimited customer support via telephone or e-mail?
  • Will they be able to deal with problems quickly?
  • Do they have a dedicated account manager?
  • What is incorporated in their Service Guarantee?

For further information about some of the Voip Providers registered with the ITSPA in the UK have a look at our page on Top VoIP Providers.



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