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Some of the Top VoIP (Voice over IP) Providers in the UK that can help you choose your internet phone system are listed below. Some of the free features included by many of the VoIP Providers are listed below but you will need to check with each VoIP Provider to see what is included in their package/contract/download:

  • 999 / 112 Emergency Services
  • Voicemail Plus
  • Caller Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Diversion
  • 3-Way Calling
  • 1471
  • Withhold Caller Display
  • Ring Back
  • International Call Barring

1. Skype - owned by Ebay

Skype is a well known VoIP provider with the slogan, "The Whole World can Talk for Free". Skype Software is a free download and users can make free calls via, Skype to Skype. For a fee, you can advance your Skype to Skype Out and make calls to landline phones. Skype In will let your choose your area code and phone number. This way, friends and relatives can call you locally, if you select the same area code. Skype is compatible with the leading operations systems - Windows, Linux, Macs and Pocket PCs.

2. Vonage

Probably the most well known VoIP providers, Vonage offers two plans, Residential Unlimited and Small Business Unlimited. The Residential plan costs £7.99 whereas the Small Business plan costs £18.99 per month. The Vonage SoftPhone is an add-on service.You need to have a Vonage plan to be able to use Vonage SoftPhone. The Vonage SoftPhone download can turn any PC or laptop into a full-functioning telephone - For only £5.99/month you receive 500 Geographic Local and National Minutes in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

3. Babble

Babble was created by a bunch of babblers who feel passionately that talk should be free. Free speech. Babble will allow you to make free calls to landlines virtually anywhere in the world. Babble is able to support this by charging you when you make any calls to mobiles and the more exotic destinations. But this is still at vastly better rates than you are used to - so if you paid 50p for that call before, it's probably now only 2.5p. Babble have focused on delivering the highest quality, cheapest phone calls on the planet. That means they have not used any hype but have quietly and diligently worked on delivering the most helpful, useful features and providing cheap calling. For the free download go to our VoIP Software Page.

4. Easy Dial

One of Easy-Dial's range of services is the easyVOIP which allows you to make cheap calls over your broadband service. A London telephone number is provided for the cost of £25 per annum. You can only receive outside calls and access detailed account information if you have a number allocated. Easy VoIp uses the free Xten Lite software which is downloadable from the Easy-dial website. EasyVOIP supports plug and play SIP devices or softphones, and phone to phone or PC to phone connectivity.

5. Quazzle

Quazzle uses the VoIP technology to combine the power of your phone and your broadband Internet connection to provide a much more flexible and cheaper option to making calls around the world. Quazzle is a service that is used as an additional line, which provides high quality communication between parties and provides common features that are recognizable on phones today. They offer three plans the Free Plan, the Economy Plan (£3.99 /month) with 100 minutes national calls included and the Gold Plan ( £9.99 /month) with Unlimited national calls. For the free download go to our VoIP Software Page.

6. TerraSip VoIP UK

TerraSip is a VoIP Community that enables people from all over the world to talk to each other on the telephone for free. Membership of the TerraSip VoIP Community is absolutely free. There is no joining fee, no yearly subscription and no cancellation fee. Sadly it is not possible to make calls to normal landline telephones and mobile telephones completely free of charge - but we do everything to make such calls as cheap as we can. For the free download go to our VoIP Software Page.


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