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There are several VoIP Software Providers in the UK, we have provided a list of some of the popular ones where you can download the appropriate VoIP Software to your PC. Some of these VoIP Software providers offer contracts as well, to enable customers to phone from their PC to traditional Landline phones and mobiles.



Babble VoIP Software

Britain's favourite internet
telephone company

100,000 babblers, millions of minutes already and growing


Easy-Dial VoIP Provider


Enjoy the cheapest calling rates possible
Make huge savings on phonecalls from anywhere in the world using internet telephony over our easyVOIP service.

For More details Visit easy-dial's website



Quazzle VoIP Provider

Quazzle Service is the new way of talking.

Quazzle uses VoIP technology to combine the power of your phone and your broadband Internet connection to provide a much more flexible and cheaper option to making calls.

Free Download




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