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VoIP vs AnalogueVoIP (Voice over IP) is being adopted by an increasing number of businesses throughout the UK. The main reason is one of cost-effectiveness, but many companies are also seeing an increase in employee productivity.

So, why should a company adopt VoIP telephony? Businesses, whether small, medium, or large, can save money by combining telephone services with internet services, thus saving the need for a separate voice line for which companies will pay rental charges.

But cost is not the only benefit. Employee productivity has been seen to increase via VoIP features suchas listening to your voice messages using the same computer as you do to read your emails. You will be able to redirect, make conference calls and forward telephone calls using simple intuitive functions on your computer screen, rather than trying to remember whether is *45 or *78 to forward an incoming call to somewhere else. Calls can be automatically forwarded to your mobile number if you are out of the office.

The ability to choose your area code will give small businesses the option of appearing to be in a major city when they are in actual fact in a small village somewhere else or maybe even in a different country. Or use this facility to allow your customers in Lancashire to call a local number, which actually is answered in Newcastle.

VoIP is now becoming a standard for call centres as the operators can have the same number, but not be office based, thus enabling the work force to be based anywhere in the world. The reduced costs and flexibility are a major benefit for companies in this area of business.



Adopting VoIP

There are two main ways for companies to adopt VoIP into their business - purchase all the required equipment for an Internet Protocol Enabled Phone System (IP PBX) and house this on site. Or, lease the service from a host company where they provide the equipment required and host it on their premises. The second option is the cheaper option and also the quickest to implement. The hosting costs are normally calcaulated on a "per seat" basis, thus allowing expansion if required.

When looking for a VoIP provider it will soon be possible to source a single company who can provide internet, VoIP, and mobile services meaning cost savings for the business.


VoIP telephony is rapidly becoming a mainstream service, already in use by cost-savvy businesses in all sectors. Cost reduction is the driving force for this rapid adoption, with productivity-enhancing features as beneficial side-effects. Most businesses will find substantial savings by making the switch. The question of whether to switch to VoIP telephony solutions for most businesses is not if, but when.


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