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Is VoIP for Me - Should I Change to Voice over IP?

The big question asked by many people, consumers and businesses, is "Is it worth changing to VoIP?". This is a difficult question, particularly for businesses as it may take time and expense to change from their current systems over to VoIP, particularly if they have internet access and emailing systems all using the same connection.

This section hopes to provide information to help you make these decisions and includes sections on:

One important thing to bear in mind at present is that when using free service softphones, such as Skype, the person you are calling also needs to be connected and using Skype. Some services do allow you to connect to other softphone packages but not all have this facility and they do not enable you to connect to standard landlines or mobiles. This can a restriction on this type of VoIP application. However, it is an excellent way of keeping in touch with relatives in Australia for example, as you could arrange for them to have the same service as yourself.

For this reason many people maintain their standard landline service to enable them to call landlines and mobiles. However, some of these softphone providers are now providing services where you can connect to traditional phones but at a small cost which is still considerably less than a standard phone call.

The restriction of the softphones remains that you need to be near your computer. The alternative is the VoIP service where you can use your current telephone equipment, add on a phone adaptor (or purchase a special VoIP phone) and you can then use your phone as you currently do. This is especially useful if you use a cordless phone where you can be anywhere in the house.

Technology is advancing quickly, but these restrictions exist today - they may not exist for much longer.



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