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Advantages Of VoIP

The main reason for transferring to a VoIP (Voice over IP) service is to benefit from the cheapness of the calls. However, there are other advantages which are worth considering:

  • Free telephone calls can be made from your PC to another party who has a VoIP service compatible with yours ie: has SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol)
  • International call charges are much less than standard landline calls.
  • Conference call facilities are enhanced and often cheaper.
  • Sending images, videos, data to the person you are talking to.
  • One broadband connection which is used for internet, email and telephone calls. It is not necessary to pay a separate line rental for a voice line.
  • For businesses the benefits can include increased productivity for out workers due to the ability for enhanced conference calls and passing of data.

Individual Benefits

The main benefits of VoIP to the consumer are there are often no fees for such features as:

  • call waiting
  • call forwarding
  • call block
  • voice mail

Your existing phone number can be retained although your area code an be altered to a different town/city, which can help in reducing your friends and family's calls to you if they are located in a different area of the country/world to yourself.



Business Benefits

A business will benefit more from the greater flexibility and cost effectiveness of VoIP as compared to the costs of a normal analogue system. VoIP can encompass all your business communication requirements whether it be e-mail, customer service via telephone, internet, with one application. It will also reduce long distance call charges and allow business people to accept calls all over the world (as long as there is a broadband connection).

VoIP is now becoming a standard for call centres as the operators can have the same number, but not be office based, thus enabling the work force to be based anywhere in the world. The reduced costs and flexibility are a major benefit for companies in this area of business.


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